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Introducing our range

Tea is our passion and our range of products reflect this. Whether you are looking for the most traditional of loose leaf teas and ceremonial maccha or our new and innovative drip teas and 'Rich Maccha' mix, we have something for everyone.


Loose leaf teas

We have an extensive selection of loose leaf green tea which can be supplied either in bulk or bagged,


Our range extends from pure green sencha and basic houjicha to the rich flavour of genamaicha with roasted wheat and rice.


For a touch of luxury and mild sweetness try our teas blended with maccha powder.


Instant green teas

Whether you wish to make iced green tea without waiting for freshly brewed tea to cool, or just needing a fresh brew in an instant, our instant teas offer the solution.


Our instant green teas are perfect for tea drinkers on the go. Try our instant green tea with its handy measuring dispenser to ensure a perfect cup every time. Blended with maccha for an ideal hot or cold drink.

Try swapping you Cafe au lait for a Maccha au lait, sweet, luxurious and healthy.


New... Rich Maccha

For nearly 1000 years, maccha has been used in Japanese tea ceremonies. Today we have developed 'Rich Maccha' to allow tea lovers to bring the luxurious flavour of maccha to their favourite beverages.


Our Rich Maccha can be used to make green tea latte, frappe, smoothies, shakes and many other drinks.


New... Luxury 'Drip Teas'

Our drip teas are designed for tea drinkers seeking the quality and taste of  freshly brewed loose leaf tea but the convenience or a bag. The finest leaves are given the space to open and provide the flavour of fresh tea.



For those who want the convenience of bagged tea we offer a range of tea bags with a difference. Our sencha and genmaicha teabags have added maccha for luxury and sweetness. Our houjicha gives great quality tea for all occasions.


Gift and presentation sets

For really special occasions we offer a wide range of green tea gift sets.


A combination of exquisite packaging and the finest quality teas provides the ultimate gift of tea.



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