Tea Ingredients

Innovative ideas for tea

The delicate taste and flavours of Japanese tea, its subtle aromas and vibrant colours offer countless opportunities to enhance sweet and savoury food and drinks. Our tea ingredients are used to make numerous inventive and original gastronomic recipes. From matcha cakes to frozen green tea desserts, producers and consumers are increasingly using tea as an invaluable ingredient.

Product: Matcha
Finely ground powder of Tencha, specially grown green tea leaves
Ingredients: Green Tea 100%
Various grades available depending on your needs
Product: Houjicha Powder
Finely ground powder of Houjicha, roasted green tea
Ingredients:Green Tea 100%.
Types: Regular Light roast Kuki (green tea twig) Houjicha
Product: Black Tea Powder
Finely ground powder of Black Tea
Ingredients: Black Tea 100%.
Types: Assam, Earl Grey,