Loose leaf teas

Our regional teas

Throughout the history of our family company we have become renowned for selecting, blending and supplying the highest quality loose leaf teas from our region. Our teas can be found throughout the world in tea houses, retailers, food service and food companies.

Description: A high quality premium Japanese green tea leaf.
Gyokuro green tea gains its richness in Umami from being grown under special shaded conditions before picking.
Ingredients: 100% Green tea
Description: Popular Japanese green tea leaf known for well balanced flavour with sweetness, bitterness and moderate astringency.
Ingredients: 100% Green tea
Types: Regular Sencha. Sencha Fukamushi (deep steamed)
Description: Kukicha Japanese tea is made of high quality green tea stems, stalks and 'twigs'.
The tea has a unique and refreshing taste and flavour.
Ingredients: 100% Green tea

How to brew Kukicha tea.

Like brewing Sencha put 6g(2 teaspoons)of Kukicha tea in the teapot.
Pour hot water into tea cups and let it cool to 70 - 80 ℃. Then, pour the water in the teapot and steep for 60-90 seconds.
Pour the tea little by little between the teacups till the last drop.
Description: Green tea leaf blended with roasted Genmai (brown rice), pleasant roasty aroma and refreshing taste with little astrigency and bitterness.
Ingredients: Green tea, roasted brown rice
Types: Genmaicha, Genmaicha with Matcha

How to brew Genmaicha tea.

To simply brew delicious Genmaicha tea put 5g (2 teaspoons) of the tea in the teapot.
Unlike green teas pour the hot water directly into the teapot and steep for just 45 - 60 seconds. .
Pour the tea little by little between the teacups till the last drop and enjoy.
Roasted green tea leaf with a roasted savory flavour, compatible with rich food and western confectionary
Ingredients: 100% Green tea
Types: Regular Houjicha Light roast, Kuki (green tea twig) Houjicha