Kyoei Quality


Since the establishment of the Morihan Seichajo in Uji (Kyoto) in 1836, Kyoeiseicha has continued the tradition of Japanese tea.

Kyoeiseicha always devotes itself to creating high-quality Japanese tea, including use of high-quality tea leaves carefully selected by tea masters and proactive introduction of new technologies.
To provide safe and reliable products and services, Kyoeiseicha places utmost value on the opinions from customers.
"Tea with trusted quality" and "contribution to a rich life through tea" are our continuous goals.

Tea Master (Mr. Masaru Kikuoka)

He won the national tea cupping competition twice in 1998 and 2002, and is active as one of the top tea masters in Japan both in name and in reality.
He travels all over Japan as the head of tea sourcing team.
At times, tea brings harmony and makes people's hearts elegant. We recognize the importance of safety concerning food as well as pursuing "good taste" suitable for the future. We promise to continue providing tea leaves that satisfy our customers. Our customers' smiles are the pleasure and reward for our hard work.


Quality assurance is essential for delivering safe and secure products to customers
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