CSR (Corporate and Social Responsibility)

Activities of the Kyoei Group

Contribution to Society:

 The Kyoei Group aspires to make efforts toward a realization of a prosperous future, and wishes to contribute to the sustainable development of the earth and society through our products.
For the implementation of the better society, we attend various social contribution activities not only as a business corporative, but also as a good corporate citizen.
A deep connection with the local communities fosters a reliable relationship between our customers and our group.

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Ethical Sourcing:

 In order to fulfill our corporate social responsibility, Kyoei Group procures raw materials and services that are optimal and essential for our business.
The ethical procurement of suppliers and raw materials such as environmental consideration, compliance with laws and human rights protection, is also proactively promoted.
In all purchasing transactions, Kyoei Group works to ensure that trust is obtained from all our stakeholders, keeping in mind fair and transparent principles of transaction.

Environment Conservation:

 By recognizing the conservation of the global environment is one of the most important common issues for all of humanity, Kyoei Group aspires to strive to reduce the environmental impact and protect the environment.
The reduction of the load on the environment is pursued through our products, services and business activities
When we consider new products and businesses, we regard environmental impact as one of the important criteria.
Kyoei Group is constantly conscious of the load on the environment from raw materials to products and from manufacturing process to disposal.
The initiative in saving energy in the manufacturing process is carried out without allowing environmental destruction, excessive pesticide spraying or unreasonable dumping of waste.

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