Our Code of Conduct

At Kyoeiseicha we recognize our social responsibility and public mission, and strives to abide to all laws and to act according to social justice.

1.Pursue food safety and quality

Kyoeiseicha provides safe and secure products to customers by understanding and executing "Quality / Food Safety Policy".

2.Compliance with laws and regulations

Both domestically and overseas, Kyoeiseicha ensures observance of laws and social norms, and make maximum efforts to avoid violations. The employment and any other internal regulations are also followed. .

3.Fair and transparent business manner

Kyoeiseicha honors free competition in the market, comply with antimonopoly laws and conduct fair and transparent business transactions. Kyoeiseicha also executes the business conscientiously and aims to prevent any conflict of interests. Forming a loan relationships nor receiving favors from interested clients for private reasons should not be accepted.

4.Protection of intellectual property

Kyoeiseicha strives to acquire, protect and utilize the rights by comprehension which intellectual property is an important management asset, and respects other companies' intellectual properties while protecting own rights.

5.Protection of confidential information

The information possessed by Kyoeiseicha, such as confidential information of the company and the third parties’ or personal information, etc., are appropriately used and managed according to its category.

6.Ensuring the safety and health of employees

Employees' safety and a healthy and comfortable working environment are ensured.

7.Respect for human rights and personality in creating a healthy work environment

Human rights of each and every employees are respected. Kyoeiseicha does not engage in, encourage nor accept in any human rights violation, unjust discrimination, power harassment, sexual harassment or moral harassment, based on individuals’ opinions, principles, creed and preference.

8.Approach to environmental conservation

Kyoeiseicha remains aware of environmental preservation in all their activities including product development, production, sales and logistics.